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Running a business can be stressful at the best of times which is why we make discovering the correct solution as straightforward as possible.

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The team will not only make sure that you find the correct solution to your problem, but will provide a free no obligation demonstration, discuss necessary training or pilot trial and ensure that any installation or delivery schedules are on your terms. We will even liaise with our partners to create customisable adaptions.

Stair Climbers

Moving heavy and awkward loads is an extremely laborious task and if there are stairs involved, it proves for an even bigger challenge. Aside from the limitations of manpower, handling such loads can cause severe injury if not carried out correctly.

Here at Stanley we offer an extensive range of stair climbing (stair walkers) and vehicle loading solutions which not only eliminate the risk of injury, but increase the level of productivity and efficiency during the material handling process.

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Ergonomic Safety Tech

Traditional classroom style manual handling training is often dull and disengaging. Employees consequently require regular training, particularly in workplaces with high staff turnover, and injuries are a regular occurrence. With WearHealth and Modjoul, available from Stanley, this is no longer an issue. Also, our Ergonomic Safety Tech utilises data and AI technology to help your business understand emerging risk.

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Storage & Racking

Stanley offers an extensive range of specialist shelving and hanging garment systems suitable for stockrooms, storerooms, offices, warehouses and many more locations. It’s our job to ensure you receive the best value for your money, which is why we have an extensive range of systems suitable for any budget, specification, and industry.

Pallet racking is the most popular type of racking system and is used to store materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

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Our powered stair climbers are available to rent on a short and long term basis, and if required, a Trained Operator can also be hired to help you safely complete the task at hand.

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Vehicle Loading

Loading and unloading vehicles can be time consuming and dangerous if proper protocol is not followed. Often larger loads like white goods etc require two people to unload a typical van or truck which can be costly. Stanley has some initiative solutions to assist with this which can save time and money. Below are a couple of solutions currently utilised by Stanley customers.

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Stanley delivers a specialist range of mobility solutions such as stair climbers for wheelchair users. Our products not only improve user independence but deliver a dignified and sustainable solution for a person to be transported up and downstairs with no equipment installation and greater flexibility.

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