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Ergonomic Safety Tech

AI-powered wearable tech solutions to identify and improve workplace safety.

Consultative approach to workplace safety

Stanley offers a range of innovative safety technology solutions that harness detailed data to help make informed business decisions.

If you require support with health & safety concerns including musculoskeletal disorders [MSDs], back injuries, forklift accidents, high absenteeism rates or high staff turnover, our team of experts and ergonomists will work with you to identify workplace safety issues and the solutions to solve them.


Benefits of Stanley's safety tech

Reduce the risk of ergonomic injury by up to 70%
Reduce absenteeism
Boost productivity and employee retention
Trial solutions before implementation
Data insights help to build the business case
Record metrics specific to your business
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Find the right solution for your business

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Stanley Testimonials


Operation managers can obtain context rich information to get a better picture of all the resources in the plant and acquire a deeper feel for the real impact of daily operations of the workforce.

Alfonso Melón Nicolas
Industrial organisation leader, +22 years of experience, Bridgestone

Where we normally needed three persons, now one person can do the job and deliver everything with good quality.

Ard van Klaveren
Owner Van Klaveren Plant

The support when lifting from a crouching position to standing, and the resulting easier way of working, is impressive!

Employees at ALDI

When working with the SoftExo Hold exoskeleton, I no longer have back pain at the end of the shift. I no longer have back pain.

Clemens Ließ
Employee at a logistics company

In the beginning, the exoskeleton was unfamiliar. In the meantime, I've noticed that I'm more aware of the lifting movements with the SoftExo.

Employees at COOP

When working with the SoftExo, I no longer have back pain at the end of the work shift.

Employees at HERMES

With the Laevo FLEX we can produce for longer with the same people. Tasks we could sustain for two hours only, we can now do for four hours per day.

Kick Spaargaren (Employee Van Klaveren Plant)
Employee Van Klaveren Plant

An in-depth evaluation with wearables helped us to understand the impact of exoskeletons on our workers during real operations and plan a step-by-step rollout.

Luca Di Stefano
Head of network devices, IoT and Robotics, e-distribuzione

A substantial advantage is that we are informed when the signals of our body change and can reflect on the situation.

Peter Gertischke
Head of data and engineering, e.on

The Laevo FLEX is literally a life saver! The last years I could not to look to the future positively, but with the Laevo FLEX I am looking forward to my future again. I can keep working all day without pain or fatigue after work. With the Laevo FLEX I feel free. My free time is valuable again!

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