AI-driven forklift collision avoidance

Haloguard 360 available from Stanley, is a collision avoidance and accident prevention system that creates safer working environments where forklift trucks, plant machinery and cranes operate in proximity to workers.

Operating forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles impacts the body in specific ways and creates unique workplace safety challenges.

The Haloguard 360 Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety system uses bilateral collision avoidance to prevent workplace accidents. Industrial vehicle location can be monitored in real-time, within centimetre accuracy, using Ultra-Wideband Beacon (UWB) technology.

forklift collision avoidance

Workers on the ground receive haptic proximity alerts from the wearable device, alerting them to the presence of a forklift or other industrial powered vehicles, including crane loads overhead. Vehicle operators receive a customisable visual and audio alert when a hazard is nearby.

Additional receivers can be strategically positioned throughout your facility to provide real-time communication that enables 360-degree coverage with uninterrupted protection.

Stanley’s approach ensures that our clients know exactly where the risks are, measure them accurately, identify new risks as they emerge, and deploy targeted solutions.

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Receive haptic and visual alerts of nearby hazards
Bilateral warning alerts for operators and workers
Pinpoint current or potential risks within centimetre precision
Collect data on incidents, near-misses, and operator behaviour
Turnkey solution that is easy to deploy
No need to rely on Wi-Fi connectivity
A comprehensive dashboard showing real time data and asset utilisation
Colleagues engaged in health & safety training
Fast assessment reporting for real time insights
Fully customisable solution for your business

Prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions with AI powered safety system

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