Preventing back injury in the workplace

Reduce workplace ergonomic and musculoskeletal injury through leveraging AI data driven technology.

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The Modjoul SmartBelt is an artificial intelligence (AI) data-driven wearable device that helps to prevent musculoskeletal injuries (MSDs) through real-time feedback and data analysis.

The worker wears the SmartBelt device on a belt to track and measure high-risk ergonomic movement.

When a poor bend, lift, twist, or stretch is detected, the worker is alerted via a haptic buzz, while a stream of real time data is captured for management teams.

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Actionable data to transform ergonomic safety

The device encourages a change of behaviours towards manual handling at work.

The data can be analysed to help provide more targeted health and safety training, or a change of process, leading to improved productivity and a reduction in MSDs.

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Modjoul SmartBelt benefits

Reduce the risk of manual handling injury by up to 70%
Reduce the number of lost work days due to injury
Replace long ergonomic training and reporting
Improve productivity and employee turnover
Comprehensive dashboard showing real time data
Data analysis can pinpoint current or emerging risks
Easily rotate across sites and teams
A customisable solution for your business
Colleagues engaged in health & safety training
Fast assessment reporting
Modjoul SmartBelt with buzz Modjoul smartbelt

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Clients often run a pilot trial to understand the wider business benefits of the Modjoul SmartBelt.

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