Jolly wheelchair stair climber

The Jolly is a tracked wheelchair stair climber that enables the operative to smoothly negotiate the majority of staircases, with a person travelling in the comfort of their wheelchair.

Transform safety on the stairs

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Travel in your own wheelchair

The Jolly is suited to locations where disabled access is restricted such as public transport, hospitality venues, care homes or within the workplace.

And since permanent installation is not required, the solution is perfect when buildings aren’t permitted for adaptation due to planning regulations.

The Jolly is also widely used in emergencies such as lift breakdowns and fire evacuations.

Its unique design ensures the occupant is kept level during travel, instilling confidence and trust during operation.

Compatible with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests, the Jolly’s lightweight frame can be quickly dismantled for easy transportation.

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Jolly wheelchair stair climber

150kg capacity

Travel in the comfort of your own wheelchair
Smooth travel motion on the stairs
Easy to dismantle and transport
Compatible with various wheelchair types
Anti-skid, non-marking tracks
Simple push button control
Emergency safety button on descend
24-month parts warranty included
Certificated training available
Wheelchair stair climber outside Back of Jolly Jolly wheelchair stairclimber on the stairs Jolly 4 Folded wheelchair stair climber

Watch the video to see how the Jolly wheelchair stair climber works

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