Sprinter 85 Powered Stair Climber

Single operator control for loads up to 85kg with all day battery life.

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Supplying individual units to large fleets.
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The Sprinter 85 is your perfect partner for carrying small to medium loads, featuring:

Lightweight, foldable frame for easy stowage

At 13.5kg the Sprinter 85 can be transported easily

Electromagnetic braking system enhances safety

The braking system allows the user to stop anywhere on the stairs

Simple push button control

Fingertip controls for easy operation

Anti-slip, non-marking caterpillar tracks

For use on hard surfaces and carpeted stairs

Adjustable handle for varying load heights

Enables loads of up to 2.5m high

Removable battery for in-transit charging

Enables hot-swap if the charge is low

Supplying individual units to large fleets.
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Stanley Stair Climber Benefits

Reduce workplace injuries

Using powered devices to reduce musculoskeletal injury

Highly portable

Lightweight, foldable products

Easy to use operation

Simple push button control

Single person operation

Reduces labour costs by over 50%

Latest battery technology

Enables more than one day of use on a single charge

Colleague satisfaction

Improve staff engagement and retention

Use Cases For Stair Climbers

Reduce workplace injury whilst safely moving loads from 20kg to 500kg on any stepped obstacle with controlled minimum resources required. Suitable for SMEs to international brands across all industries.

The Sprinter 85 provides a convenient, robust, cost-efficient manual handling solution to industries such as high volume logistics services, online delivery, hospitality and retail to name but a few.


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Paul Metrovich
Sales Executive
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See what other people are saying about Stanley Powered Stair Climbers

We know that our drivers are making an increasing number of deliveries in urban areas where many customers live in flats and apartments, which often require access up several flights of stairs. Through collaboration with Stanley, we have been able to create a powered stair climber that suits the needs of our drivers and growing online operation, which in turn will see us reduce time at the doorstep and improve the customer experience.

Simon Gregg
Vice President of Online Grocery

Working with Stanley for over 20 years, the business has built a large fleet of powered stair climbers which provide the perfect solution for delivering appliances to houses and flats.”


“We have worked with Chris and the team at Stanley for several years now and the service has been excellent, the team are always very responsive and have been a great partner. During a complex rollout, the team at Stanley worked with us on a good base plan but factored in flexibility so that we could pivot if required, when any changes needed to happen the team approached the change with speed and this allowed us to re-plan quickly to continue the rollout. (more…)

Mike Scullion, Last Mile Model Development Project Manager

We were apprehensive about purchasing a new stair climber as a machine from a different supplier had failed us. However, after a free demonstration at our Manchester bar, we are confident that the Sprinter 85 can safely carry 60kg beer kegs into the cellar. Deliveries down the steep steps are now made safely, quickly, and easily using the tracked machine.

David Fine
Director, Oscars Bar Canal Street Ltd

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