Stanley at UK Construction Week 2023

Stanley is excited to return to UK Construction Week Birmingham this Autumn to showcase the latest developments in artificial intelligence [AI]

AI has arrived in the UK. How will it make the Construction Sector safer?

Construction work is a physically demanding sector and one of the highest for workplace accidents and injuries.  In fact it

AI safety in the workplace

Why wearable safety technology is the future of workplace health and safety  AI wearable safety technology is becoming increasingly important

What is wearable technology in safety?

  Wearable technology in safety refers to the use of wearable devices or smart gadgets designed to enhance and ensure

Keeping employees safe with wearable technology

Employees safety is an important priority for any workplace, and technological advancements, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), are improving how

Boosting Last Mile Delivery Efficiency with Powered Stair Climbers

“We know that our drivers are making an increasing number of deliveries in urban areas where many customers live in

Stanley meet health & safety professionals at the Safety & Health Expo 2023

Stanley meet health & safety professionals at the Safety & Health Expo 2023 For the third consecutive year, Stanley attended

Stanley partners with Ansell’s Inteliforz™ as it grows its AI Health and Safety offering

Workplace health and safety experts, Stanley, has partnered with Ansell Inteliforz™ Motion Series , a wearable sensor technology for the

How AI technologies can help cut workplace accidents and improve wellbeing

According to the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive, 36.8 million working days were lost in the UK,

Stanley helping the HVAC industry to work safely

For plumbing and heating engineers, moving heavy materials, such as boilers and air-con units, up and down the stairs can

Stanley partner with new AI technology providers to help cut workplace accidents

Stanley has partnered with two major Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovators, to offer groundbreaking workplace health and safety solutions to UK

UKMHA compliance accreditation

We’re better than the rest… and we can prove it. Lots of people can hire or sell you material handling

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Stanley Testimonials


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We were apprehensive about purchasing a new stair climber as a machine from a different supplier had failed us. However, after a free demonstration at our Manchester bar, we are confident that the Sprinter 85 can safely carry 60kg beer kegs into the cellar. Deliveries down the steep steps are now made safely, quickly, and easily using the tracked machine.

Oscars Bar Canal Street Ltd
David Fine, Director

The Tolo mobility stair climber training was truly great. He provided a thorough in-depth demonstration to explain in precise detail how to operate the machine. The team now has the confidence and knowledge to use the equipment on their own. The care home will be using Stanley to train further staff on how to operate the Tolo.

Threeways and Devonshire Nursing Homes
Mike Allistone, Home Services Manager

Working with Stanley for over 20 years, the business has built a large fleet of powered stair climbers which provide the perfect solution for delivering appliances to houses and flats.”


The Jolly has given my husband his independence and confidence back. I use the machine to take him upstairs, whilst he comfortably sits in his wheelchair. It has removed the hassle and fuss of transferring him in and out of his chair.

Mrs. Mary Howard

We know that our drivers are making an increasing number of deliveries in urban areas where many customers live in flats and apartments, which often require access up several flights of stairs. Through collaboration with Stanley, we have been able to create a powered stair climber that suits the needs of our drivers and growing online operation, which in turn will see us reduce time at the doorstep and improve the customer experience.

Simon Gregg, Vice President of Online Grocery

The stair climber training that we received at our site was thorough yet straightforward. A special thanks to trainer Paul Long who confidently answered the questions from our facilities team.

Susan Field
Project Administrator, AECC Univeristy College

We were very pleased with the demonstration and training given by Paul Long on his two visits to our company. On the first visit, we gave him an industrial, heavy-duty door to take up some stairs, a lot of people watching to add to the pressure but it worked and he happily answered all our questions.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him or the product to anyone looking for that kind of thing.


We have been so impressed by the Stanley team and the powered stair climber machines. It has made the seriously daunting part of our full move - after 20 years in the building - painless!

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