Introducing our ergonomic exoskeleton partners

Stanley has partnered with a range of global exoskeleton manufacturers to provide high-level workplace safety solutions to UK businesses. We are proud to introduce our esteemed partners in ergonomic exoskeleton safety technology, who specialise in cutting-edge passive and active exoskeleton suits. Exoskeletons are wearable devices that provide vital support to the wearer when carrying out physical activities, consequently reducing the risk of ergonomic injury in the workplace. With the capability of reducing injury by up to 70% and lowering fatigue, these devices are used across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and logistics. 

Working with our partners, Stanley strives to empower businesses to create safer, more ergonomically safe workplaces for their employees. We will help uncover the right exoskeleton for your business and budget. 


The HAPO exoskeleton actively supports individuals working in standing positions, easing the strain caused by postural or joint constraints.

The HAPO exoskeleton helps decrease the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by using springs to redirect strain from the upper trunk to the worker’s thighs. Wearing a HAPO exoskeleton helps maintain the correct posture throughout the activity. Workers experience up to 20% less stress on the back muscles.


Hunic offers a range of exoskeletons tailored to address the specific movement needs of employees in their industry sector. A Hunic suit provides superior comfort thanks to ergonomic, padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist belt for all body shapes. 

The SoftExo Lift optimises posture during lifting, reducing back forces by up to 50%. With patented back support, it promotes safe movement with 25% more support and 50% less strain. 

The SoftExo Carry aids couriers and warehouse staff, enhancing endurance for the arms and shoulders. Wearable all day, it encourages a body-friendly posture. 


The Laevo-suit is designed to protect workers from back injuries caused by repetitive movement. 

The Laevo Flex exoskeleton offers support during various activities like stooping, squatting, and bending forward, reducing lower back strain. It enables dynamic and asymmetric lifting, suitable for diverse body shapes and industries. Weighing only 3kg, the Laevo V2 supports the torso, worn comfortably under clothing. Its easy on/off switch ensures freedom of movement, while the chest pad enhances posture. 


The BionicBack exoskeleton suit is designed specifically for the care, medical and healthcare sector. 

The BionicBack is designed to tackle ergonomic challenges in the care and healthcare sectors, offering relief for up to 60kg. It promotes correct posture for carers, utilising elastomer bands to redistribute weight and enhance stability during bending, lifting, and patient transfer. Dedicated patient handles encourage active participation, reducing the risk of awkward movements. Additionally, all components are water-resistant and machine-cleanable for easy maintenance. 


The Japet exoskeleton is a motorised active exoskeleton for workplace safety.

The Japet.W+ exoskeleton has proven highly effective, with 85% of users reporting a significant reduction in Lumbar pain. As a class 11a medical device, it specifically aids workers dealing with chronic or acute lower back issues. Powered by batteries, this active exoskeleton offers targeted support, relieving pain, minimizing spinal impact, and preserving mobility and muscle function while ensuring safe gestures and posture. 


The only exosuit for overhead work.

The Skelex 60-XFP exoskeleton is reforming workplace safety by providing optimal assistance for tasks performed above the waist height. Designed to support 80% of the arm’s range of motion, it enhances efficiency and reduces strain on the body. Powered by stored energy in springs, it boosts arm strength by up to 40%, making arms and tools feel weightless and compensating for gravity. 

Designed for durability, the exoskeleton’s key components use materials like Tencate TecaSafe (Plus)® and Kevlar® Nomax® to resist fire, repel water, and reduce static, making it perfect for tough work settings. 


At Stanley, we offer WearHealth, an advanced ergonomic solution that utilises AI and data-driven insights to select the ideal exosuit for your needs. We carefully evaluate workplace activities using AI, biomechanics, and video scanning. This information helps create a tailored report to choose the best exosuit for your industry and job role. An ergonomist reviews the report to ensure suitability for your task, allowing workers to move to phase two to test and analyse the recommended suit. 

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